Percussionist, composer, session musician, educator and author of the first professional drum school in Poland

He made his debut in 1991 during the 15th anniversary concert of the Kombi band. Throughout the last 20 years he collaborated with many artists of different genres, such as rock, pop and jazz.

He has been awarded withe the title of The Best Drummer of 2004 in Poland voted by the readers of Gitara i Bas + Bębny magazine (Eng. Guitar & Bass + Drums).

Currently, he plays in Kombi. He also contributes to following projects: Orange Trane Acoustic Trio, Quartado, Łosowski-Lemańczyk-Łukowski Acoustic Trio.

He is a lecturer who actively takes part in workshops and shows around Poland.

His articles and workshops are regularly published in Perkusista magazine (Eng. Percussionist). He recorded over 50 albums (including original projects).

His first solo album "C.V." was listed no.8 in a ranking of 100 most important Polish albums for drummers by "The Percussionist Magazine"