Drums recording

I encourage bands, musicians, composers, music producers to work together in drums recording. I record individual songs, DEMO cd’s and whole long plays.

All recordings are held in SL SOUND studio in Gdańsk, Poland.

STUDIO EQUIPMENT (selected elements):

  • computer: Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon 2,8Ghz/4GB/1500GB/GF7300
  • Pro Tools 10 LE, Digi 003 FACTORY + MusicProduction Toolkit 2
  • solid-state amplifiers: Lipinski L-409 (x 8), Amek 9098EQ (x 2), Focusrite Voice box
  • stereo vacuum tube amplifiers: Chris Research VMP3
  • pickups AD/DA: MYTEK 8 x 192 with ADAT card
  • compressors: Chandler Limited TG1, DBX 1066
  • main monitors: Lipinski
  • monitors: Yamaha NS10
  • microphones : Neumann TLM103, Rode Classic, Audo Technica AT4033 and most popular models from companies like Shure, Sennheiser, AKG
  • multi-effects: TC Electronic M5000, M2000, Voice one; Lexicon 300
  • digital recorders: Fostex D2424LV, D160
  • R-DAT Tascam DA-30

In the final stage of the recordings I burn recorded tracks in a universal and compatible system (WAVE) on DVD. Recorded material can be send further via e-mail or other hosting service and then it can be transferred to other systems (e.g. PRO TOOLS etc.).

I own professional drum kits DRUM WORKSHOP LIMITED EDITION.

Apart from recording on the highest class acoustic drums, it is possible to also record electronic drums:

  • ROLAND TD20W (great drums to record modern samples, loops and beats)
  • SIMMONS SDS V (classic set)

Additionally, I can also record piano parts (backgrounds, solo).

I provide access to legendary synthesizers, such as: SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS – PROPHET-5, MINI KORG 700 S, ENSONIQ – ASR10, KORG MS2000B, ROLAND – SH-101, YAMAHA – DX 7, Dave Smith Instruments POLY EVOLVER.

We work fast and efficiently – it’s a true money and time saver. My e-mail is in the contact tab. See you in the studio!