Orange-Trane-Żak-1z2-4For years I have been an endorser of the DW drum making company. Currently I have the pleasure to play on a limited edition drum set. Owing to the cooperation with Krystian Czarnecki I play on a drum set made by the DW’s CEO John Good. I use this set for studio recording and for special occasions.

On regular basis I use DW Performance series.

For workshops I use PDP MX Series.

Apart from the abovementioned sets I also have electronic drums – Roland TD20 and Simmons SDS V.

Cymbals – Zildijan. I have been playing on Zildijan cymbals for a very long time. I use different series, mix them dependently of the played genre and conditions (live, studio).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADrumsticks – Regal Tip. I use model 8A-208R – 16”x 555” (with my signature).

Drumheads – Aquarian