Workshops for drummers

I offer different types of workshops, depending on what what is needed:

1. Concert (drum show) for large group of people (50-150). This option is best suited for clubs, community centres, etc.
During the concert I play different songs from different periods of my musical career. Between songs I tell anecdotes from my experience. It is possible to include some workshop elements to the show (unless there are some percussionists in the audience who might have some technical questions).

The concert can be linked with workshops (e.g. in the morning workshops and in the evening a concert).

2. Drum Clinic – a smaller version of drum show. This option is recommended for music shops and music schools. These shows have a more educational character than a regular gig.

3. Percussion workshops with large groups of people – this is recommended for community centres, music shops, music schools (a minimum of 10 participants; workshops last for the whole day).

4. Workshops for bands

There is a possibility of me coming to a city of your choosing to attend band’s rehearsal. During the rehearsal we discuss in detail all problems with teamwork in the band.

Many topics raised during such workshops are mutual for percussionists and musicians playing other instruments (the whole band benefits from that). Among other topics we discuss how to effectively improve your technique, precision an speed, how to practise playing groove (based on different genres), how to learn to improvise (solo play), tune the instrument, how to develop one’s musicality in general.

Often we tackle topics like: organizing time for personal practice (work schedule), working with percussion machines, playing with backing music and sequencers, playing with good timing, recording in studio.

Issues raised for musicians playing different instruments/whole bands:
Organizing rehearsals and working during rehearsals, showing mistakes and needed pieces of advice and exercise in band playing, composing songs, working in the rhythmic section: bass-drums, preparation of the DEMO material, how to tune instruments during rehearsal, etc.

Usually, the workshops take one day.

5. Other workshops configuration:
– Workshops in small groups (up to 10 percussionists; we work for a couple of hours, e.g. in somebody’s training room).
– Individual lessons (with one student). They are private lessons for beginners and master’s courses for the advanced.