Drums recording

I’m always ready to record drums as I live in a house with a professional recording studio in the basement. I’ve recorded a lot of sessions, often working as a „rescue drummer”, saving people’s tracks. Sometimes band make a decision that they will program the drums from a cheap drum samples or a band drummer doesn’t have the necessary skills to play in a studio – the end result is spending a lot of money that otherwise could have been spent on a professional sideman with much better results music-wise.

I help with recording of single tracks, DEMOS and whole LPs. With a professional studio nearby alongside with pro equipment and staff, I work quickly and efficiently.


All recordings are held in SL SOUND studio in Gdańsk, Poland.

STUDIO EQUIPMENT (selected elements):

  • computer: Mac Pro Quad Core Intel Xeon 2,8Ghz/4GB/1500GB/GF7300
  • Pro Tools 10 LE, Digi 003 FACTORY + MusicProduction Toolkit 2
  • solid-state amplifiers: Lipinski L-409 (x 8), Amek 9098EQ (x 2), Focusrite Voice box
  • stereo vacuum tube amplifiers: Chris Research VMP3
  • pickups AD/DA: MYTEK 8 x 192 with ADAT card
  • compressors: Chandler Limited TG1, DBX 1066
  • main monitors: Lipinski
  • monitors: Yamaha NS10
  • microphones : Neumann TLM103, Rode Classic, Audo Technica AT4033 and most popular models from companies like Shure, Sennheiser, AKG
  • multi-effects: TC Electronic M5000, M2000, Voice one; Lexicon 300
  • digital recorders: Fostex D2424LV, D160
  • R-DAT Tascam DA-30

In the final stage of the recordings I burn recorded tracks in a universal and compatible system (WAVE) on DVD. Recorded material can be send further via e-mail or other hosting service and then it can be transferred to other systems (e.g. PRO TOOLS etc.).


Apart from recording on the highest class acoustic drums, it is possible to also record electronic drums:

  • ROLAND TD20W (great drums to record modern samples, loops and beats)
  • SIMMONS SDS V (classic set)

Additionally, I can also record piano parts (backgrounds, solo).

I provide access to legendary synthesizers, such as: SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS – PROPHET-5, MINI KORG 700 S, ENSONIQ – ASR10, KORG MS2000B, ROLAND – SH-101, YAMAHA – DX 7, Dave Smith Instruments POLY EVOLVER.

We work fast and efficiently – it’s a true money and time saver. My e-mail is in the contact tab. See you in the studio!