Workshops, Shows, Solo Gigs…

Elevate Your Musical Experience with Tomasz


1. One Man Drum Show Concert:

  • Ideal for audiences of 50 to 150 people in clubs or cultural centers.
  • Tomasz presents pieces from various phases of his musical career, predominantly from his solo albums.
  • The concert can be combined with engaging workshops, providing a comprehensive musical experience.
  • A chance for a jam session after the concert, adding a lively conclusion to the day.


2. Drum Clinic – Intimate and Educational:

  • Tailored for music stores and music schools.
  • A blend of performance and education, with anecdotes from Tomasz’s musical journey.
  • Workshops elements can be incorporated for an interactive experience.


3. Percussion Workshops – Learn and Play:

  • Suitable for cultural centers, music stores, and music schools (from 10 participants).
  • Intensive full-day sessions covering practical and theoretical aspects of drumming.
  • Topics include technique development, precision, rhythm practice, improvisation, and much more.


4. Music Workshops for Bands:

  •  Ideal for bands looking to enhance their musical journey.
  • Covers various aspects, including rehearsal organization, stage performance, and studio recording.
  • Customizable to address specific band challenges and goals.


5. Drum Recording – Capture the Beat:

  • Collaborate on recording drum parts for bands, solo artists, producers, and arrangers.
  • Offering individual tracks, demos, and full album recording services.


5. Jury Work – Tomasz’s Expert Insights:

  •  Tomasz has served on the jury of drum competitions and band showcases.
  • Personalized feedback on strengths, weaknesses, and development areas for each performance.


6. Contact Tomasz:

  • For any musical inquiries or collaboration discussions, reach out via email.